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The pioneer of manufacturing Mirror TV products invented, developed important technological patents, designed and finally launched a product ready to be marketed worldwide. ad notam is the world market leader since it has the biggest share of the market and the most numerous installations of the product globally.


ad notam guarantees you products of highest quality and style that meet your specific needs, it offers an after-sale service in remote places by digital support or by visiting your own premises..

  • 1998Creation of B.I. Hellas

    Promoting through means of projection static images on mirror surfaces using as basic element mirror or glass.
  • 2000Philip Morris

    Cooperation with the leading tobacco company.
  • 2001 Dodoni

    Cooperation with Dodoni Ice Cream S.A.
  • 2003Wella

    Cooperation with Wella to promote professional styling products in hair salons.
  • 2005Cooperation with ad notam

    Exclusive concessionaire of ad notam in Greece and Cyprus.
  • 2008 Introduction and establishing cooperation with hotel industry

    Installation of Mirror TV in Hotels.
  • TodayB.I. Hellas is synonym to Mirror TV

    More than 100 installations of Mirror TVs in residences, hotels, commercial premises and pleasure yachts.
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