ad notam redefines your bathroom with Mirror TV technology. The vast choice in mirrors, glass, and in sizes gives you all the necessary tools to create a uniquely customized product. The final result is elegantly blending into your decor, redefining the finesse and quality of your bathroom. Mirror TV is protected from humidity by a specially designed coat, it is custom-engineered for humid environment of the bathroom.

mirror tv bathroom
bedroom mirror tv residence


You love having the TV in your bedroom but absolutely hate all the cables and the intrusive TV boxes? Mirror TV gives you the solution. The TV monitor disappears completely when it is turned off and is visible only when you need it. In a recess into a wall, hanged as a picture, integrated into your bedroom’s furniture or even as a part of a sliding door of your wardrobe. Mirror TV will transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that you deserve.


Living room &
Dining room

Have fun in a most luxurious and comfortable way. Mirror TV introduces a new dimension into TV experience in your living and dining room. When installed in the living room the view surface disappears completely when it is turned off and your mirror becomes the main element of your living space and is visible only when you need it. ad notam’s elegant system can be installed in the wall, to be hanged as a picture or even can be integrated into your furniture.

mirror tv residence living room
mirror tv kitchen


Your kitchen is the ideal place for your Mirror TV. Hidden behind your oven panel, the sink or integrated into your kitchen cabinets, it is always protected from dirt, dust and fats, easy to clean and saves space. Mirror TV will change the time you spend in your kitchen and will transform it into a new experience without altering its design.


Fitness Centre

Work out with ad notam’s products. The time you spend at the gym is a unique opportunity to catch up with the latest news, movies, and even the latest trends in gymnastics while working out. Blending completely into your fitness centre decor, the cutting-edge technology of ad notam gives you the extra motivation for your daily workout. Where else is a “hidden” TV more important than in your fitness centre?