Commercial Premises


Beauty salons, spas & fitness centres

High quality beauty treatment requires something more than the usual. Mirror TV gives you an edge over competition in the field of beauty treatment while you are taking care of your customers, as it creates a warm, positive, and pleasant feeling. Whether it is beauty salons, hairdressers, spas or fitness centres, Mirror TV systems are the perfect distraction. Your clients can enjoy the latest movies, celebrity news, delicious recipes and at the same time be pampered in a most luxurious way. Blending into the interior decor of your premises Mirror TV guarantees you the innovations of beauty trends of the future, rising your business above the competition.

mirror tv spa
mirror tv hotel lobby


Mirror TV makes an elegant, first-class impression. It is without doubt a smart and powerful tool that engages the customer. The monitor is well protected behind the mirror or glass and it enhances and displays your message along with your corporate identity in a fine, sophisticated manner. Present your own marketing statements and subtle advertisements in a most stunning depiction of elegance.


Medical Sector Premises

Mirror TVs are clinically approved. While the conventional medical exam rooms are equipped with monitors and TV systems, ad notam goes beyond that and combines glass, mirror surfaces and AV technology all in one unit. It saves space without being complicated, it is easy to clean (thanks to its installation behind glass or mirror, it is protected from dust), it is also antibacterial. It is everything that medical applications need.

mirror tv medical clinic
mirror tv cafebar

Dining Areas

Set a big platform for your messages. The sophisticated ad notam’s monitor systems work as an efficient and elegant tool that captures the attention and engages the customer. Install your ad notam monitor system in restaurants, bars and clubs and redefine the notion of luxury in food service.



Would you like to attract your client’s immediate attention? ad notam’s monitor systems offer a unique way to draw your clients’ attention. Whether you choose one of ad notam’s custom made monitors or one of the Standard series, your message is in reality a part of the mirror, and that message is conveyed to your customers subtly, stylishly and efficiently. You have achieved more than a sale. Who can resist a mirror? Digital signage software allows you to present effortlessly all the necessary info and material you would like on demand.

mirror tv retail
mirror tv conference room

Meeting rooms

The ultimate custom-made ad notam’s product adjusts perfectly to any video conference system and it gives to your premises the character and look you desire. There is a possibility to adjust your final product to meet your needs. Our monitor system is the perfect choice regardless of the size, purpose or style of the meeting rooms in each company. Impress your partners with its unique design, style, and elegance.


Public Restrooms

Imagine this: You are at a bar and would like to check up on your looks, you go to the restroom and look at the mirror. There lies the beauty of ad notam in public restrooms, the advertisement can be controlled remotely within the mirror from a main server. There is no chance you can miss it nor take your eyes off of it!

mirror tv public toilet